People Are Talking About the Garmin Nuvi 765T – Read the Reviews

When you’re travelling, especially to those places that you’re not familiar with, or if you happened to be new in that particular place, the most important thing that you need to keep you safe and updated with your location along the way is a GPS navigator. For that, Garmin will take care of you with its latest portable GPS navigator, the Garmin Nuvi 765t. This is so far the most advanced device when it comes to these types of products and it’s loaded with a whole of features that are useful in many ways.

What’s in this gadget that you should run after? First of all, this device was designed with such a bright, 4.3-inch diagonal color WQVGA TFT touchscreen with 480 x 272 pixels and white backlight. Apart from that, it’s also equipped with other things like a City Navigator North America NT, a Bluetooth wireless technology that is useful for handsfree calling, and a high-sensitivity GPS receiver for improved performance and reception. It also has text-to speech capabilities, media player, and an FM transmitter for transmitting audio.

The best thing that you can do to make sure that all of these are not just one of those misleading advertisements is to take time to read some of the posted Garmin Nuvi 765t Reviews. These reviews are coming directly from the mouth of those who have seen and used the device already. Thus, they’re guaranteed to be true and reliable as your guide to whether or not you should also buy one of these gadgets for yourself. The good thing about checking on those written testimonies is that they reveal every sides of the device. It tells about the desirable and the undesirable aspects of it.

One review for Garmin Nuvi 765t states that its new map screen enhancements, features, and HotFix GPS technology has made a significant improvement over its previous model. Some say it’s a better bargain than the 785t. Although many say that it’s the best nuvi there is today, the device was also noticed to have some downsides. According to some other reviews, its FM Transmitter is still underpowered and there’s slowness when manually panning/zooming the map.

One of the most-loved features of this Nuvi 765t Garmin is its built-in Lane Guidance. It allows the driver to know which lane to go for the upcoming turns. Plus it has Junction View which provides photo-realistic 3D views of those turns with corresponding road signs. Hence, it keeps you and your family safe while you’re on your way towards somewhere. Being caught in the traffic can now be avoided with this device’s integrated traffic receiver which gives you updates and traffic details for you to detour and take another clear way. Another great thing about it is that it enables you to make use of your phone without using your hands on it because of its Bluetooth capability.

Garmin Nuvi 765t’s HotFix Satellite Prediction is also important since it automatically calculates and stores satellite locations. These features and more are all packed in one single device. This nuvi basically tells you where you are and where your car is located at the very moment. It surely is your best guide to ensure safety and protection for yourself and for those who are with you in the car. Therefore, once you have it in your auto, you don’t have to fear about getting lost in the middle of nowhere anymore.

Bowflex Revolution Home Gym Reviews – Read This Before You Buy a Bowflex Revolution

Are you shopping for a Bowflex Revolution Home Gym? I was fascinated by those fancy Bowflex infomercials and decided to buy one. I’m usually not an impulsive buyer but I took the challenge since they offer a 6-week money back guarantee if you’re not 100% satisfied. One of the important decisions I had to make was which model to get.

Bowflex has 3 different flavors of the Revolution Home Gym. Below, I’ve outlined the most prominent differences to help you in your shopping decisions.

But First, What Is The Bowflex Revolution? The Bowflex Revolution is their flagship line-up of home gyms. Unlike their power rod units, the Revolution uses Spiraflex technology. Spira what? Spiraflex is a patented technology that uses elastic wrapped around a coil to create controlled tension. The result is increased muscle isolation, control, and faster development. I would best compare it to a high quality cable machine. Although the Power Rods work quite well (found in earlier models), they do not offer the versatility and intensity of the Revolution gyms.

When you perform an exercise on the Revolution, the cables fight with you the whole time, providing constant tension from the start to finish. The result is an awesome pump as your muscles are completely blasted into total failure! It’s similar to the feel you get with weights but in same ways better. With free weights, the resistance tapers off towards the top of the contraction. Not so with the Revolution. The resistance remains consistent, which produces better and more intense workouts. Don’t worry, the Revolution is gonna kick your butt and give you a refreshing super charged workout that will leave your body pumped and feeling great! It did for me.

So, Let’s Compare The 3 Different Revolution Home Gyms:

Bowflex Revolution FT: This is the entry level Revolution. It packs 90 exercises, 400 variations, and plenty of versatility. It includes a leg press plate, 5-position foot harness, squat harness, and a training DVD. If you can live without a lat tower attachment (only available on the XP and flagship model), you can save yourself up to $1,000. This makes it the best deal out of the three. The FT is perfect if you want a more compact home gym but with all the great features, results, and versatility of the Revolution series. It packs 200 lbs of resistance, which can be upgraded to 280 lbs, making it challenging for most athletes.

Bowflew Revolution XP: Sold only factory-direct, the Revolution XP features the same number of great exercises as the FT but with the benefit of the lat tower. For me personally, the price difference doesn’t really justify the need for the lat tower but I’m sure some will disagree. The XP is compact, versatile and like all the Revolutions, whisper quiet during operation. It offers 200 lbs of resistance (upgradeable to 280 lbs).

Bowflex Revolution: It’s funny how the flagship name is the same as the product line up. This can be confusing. Anyways, the Revolution is bigger and more versatile than either the XP or FT. It features 100 exercises, 400 variations, a lat tower, and all the other benefits of the other two. This would be the one to get if you must have the greatest amount of workout options. Athletes and serious weightlifters will benefit the most.

This guy comes with 220 lbs of resistance, which can be upgraded, to a big 300 lbs for upper body ad 600 lbs for lower body workouts. No wonder this is the flagship! Certainly, this model is the most expensive so that is something to take into consideration.

Which Is My Favorite? It depends on your needs but for me, my number one pick has been the FT. It gives me everything I need at a reasonable price and a more space friendly size. If you need to do lat pull downs, then go for the XP. If you can afford it and want the ultimate workout, then the Revolution is the one. Which ever one you get, it will be impossible not to build a great body! And with the 6-week money back guarantee from Bowflex, you have nothing to lose.

Hoyt Compound Bows – Where to Find Bows for Sale, Reviews, Models, and More

Today we are going to discuss Hoyt compound bows and discover where to find a comprehensive online resource about them. After reading this article you will know much more about this manufacturer and where to look for Hoyt bows for sale, reviews, ratings, specs, videos, price comparisons, and more. Let’s start with discussing some interesting facts about Hoyt bows and finish with unveiling one of the best online resources about them.

1. Quick history & facts

Shortly after Hoyt Archery was created in 1942, the company started gaining a lot of popularity among shooters worldwide. Hoyt always remained one of the top bow manufacturers ever since. At the moment Hoyt Archery is based in the Salt Lake City in the United States. The company manufactures a lot of quality bows for different types of archery including hunting, 3D shooting, and competition shooting. Although Hoyt tends to stick to tried and true designs while changing their technologies gradually, every now and then they come up with some great and innovative technological solutions that are highly recognized by experts and consumers.

2. Hoyt technologies & achievements

Being a huge bow manufacturer, Hoyt have come up with a number of unique technologies – a few dedicated articles would be needed to describe all of them. So, let’s just have a quick look at some of the famous Hoyt technologies.

* Eccentric systems – the Z3 cam system is one of the best technologies Hoyt ever came up with. While a number of new cams have been designed since the Z3 was released, shooters keep saying it’s one of the best cams on the market.

* Limbs – Hoyt is known to manufacture quality limbs. They even came up with a unique testing mechanism aimed to prove their limbs can withstand a minimum of 1000 dry-fires.

* Risers – Over the years Hoyt manufactured many different types of quality risers. Interestingly, they recently came up with a new carbon riser technology that allowed them to further improve the quality of their bows. This technology really stands out and allows Hoyt to be classified as one of the most innovative bow manufacturing companies.

3. Popularity & customer feedback

With a huge range of quality compound bows suitable for different usage scenarios, Hoyt is a very popular bow manufacturer worldwide. A lot of shooters across the globe adore the quality of bows manufactured by Hoyt. Without a doubt this brand is highly recognized in the archery industry. So, if you want to get a quality product, Hoyt is one of the best companies to consider. However, don’t forget that there are many other great brands that manufacture quality rigs nowadays. Once you understand what kind of bow you need (how you want to use it) try to shoot as many rigs as you can before making your choice.

4. Hoyt product range – from youth to competition bows

Hoyt Archery manufactures compound bows for all types of shooters (youth/women/men) and usages (hunting, 3D shooting, competition shooting).

* Hoyt youth bows – The Banshee, Trykon Junior, and Rintec are all high-quality youth bows. While these rigs are not suitable for little kids due to their higher poundage, many older children will enjoy shooting them.

* Hoyt bows for women – Although it’s not always possible to differentiate “women bows” from other rigs because everyone’s body/form is different, the following Hoyt models are very popular among ladies (can also be used by the youth or smaller frame men): Trykon Sport, Kobalt, Rintec, Vicxen. It is important to note that while the aforementioned bows have ideal specs for average female shooter, there are many other Hoyt bows suitable for ladies. It really depends on the form and archery type (hunting/3D/competition). For example, some ladies shoot the UltraTec and UltraElite models because they are mainly involved in competition shooting.

* Hoyt competition bows – The Hoyt UltraElite, ProElite, and AlphaElite are all great competition bows that are designed with target archers in mind. All these bows are very good for competition shooting due to their longer axle-to-axle and brace height. While the “Ultra” line bows have shorter brace height and are quicker, the “Pro” line bows are known for longer brace height and are more forgiving. With such differences, it is up to the archer to choose the one that suits their shooting style better.

* Hoyt hunting/3D shooting bows – Over the last few years, the Alphamax, Maxxis, and CRX Hoyt bow lines have become extremely popular among hunters/3D shooters due to their great shooting characteristics. At the same time both Carbon Matrix and Carbon Element bows represent the new breed of Hoyt rigs utilizing carbon riser technology. Also, the Hoyt Alphaburner is a very popular bow among speed bow fans. While all these bows are relatively new (at the moment of writing), don’t forget about older hunting and 3D shooting rigs that are still extremely popular despite being discontinued (a good example would be the Hoyt Katera XL)

Obviously this is not a comprehensive list of the most popular Hoyt bows. A lot of other Hoyt bow models are also very popular amount archers and hunters.

5. Which Hoyt bow should I get?

In our opinion the process of selecting the most suitable Hoyt bow is different for experienced archers and beginners. Before we get started, keep in mind, that the below recommendations will work for any other bow manufacturer. So, if you are brand agnostic you should shoot as many bows (manufactured by different brands) as you can before deciding on which rig to get.

* Beginners should take preliminary steps before they choose their first Hoyt compound bow. Ideally, they should take a crash course on shooting compound bows to understand a few crucial concepts: shootability (smooth and fast bows, vibration, hand shock), technologies (eccentric systems, grips, limbs, etc.), and other essential aspects. After that new archers should try to shoot as many different bows as possible to get an idea on what is the best kind of bow for them. Once these preliminary steps have been taken, beginners should follow the selection process for experienced archers described below.

* Experienced archers often don’t need to go through the basics principles of shooting compound bows. Normally such archers know how they will be using their bow (hunting, target, or recreational shooting) and what kind of rig they need. What’s more, seasoned shooters often know the exact bow specifications they are looking for. For such people, the process should involve: filtering non-matching bows and only selecting the most suitable Hoyt bows; exploring consumer reviews, ratings, and expert opinions, and comparing prices on the selected Hoyt compound bows.

6. Great online resource about Hoyt compound bows

Although selecting the best Hoyt bow is a very time consuming process, the good news is there is a great online resource that helps to save a lot of time and delivers a unique set of tools for selecting the most suitable compound bow manufactured by Hoyt or any other brand. This website contains a lot of useful information about Hoyt compound bows including: a unique bow selector & comparator with flexible search capability, reviews & ratings, specs, videos, price comparisons, and other interesting information about compound bows.